Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba is a Ugandan Rap Icon, Best known as GNL Zamba. With a career spanning over 10 years at the top of his game and a decade since his landmark debut album, 2009's Riddles of Life "KOYIKOYI" - One of African Music's biggest and best-loved Indigenous language Hip-hop albums; GNL Zamba has embarked on his exciting new chapter in his career with his latest projects 'THE SPEAR', 'NSIMBI 2' & 'INFINITY'. 

GNL's eclectic style was Influenced by Afrocentric Icons like Eddy grant & Fela Kuti as well as International Rap-stars  Nas, Jay Z, Ice Cube and International Poets like Gil Scot Heron and Mbuli who filled the airwaves in his hometown of Kawempe, Uganda. 

Over 50 awards to his name in his native Uganda, Millions of album sales, Regional tours, and Concerts. GNL Zamba's sound is a Catchy blend of Lugaflow, Hip-hop, and Afrobeats. GNL has held sold-out stadium shows in Africa, the SXSW Festivals, as well as intimate venues like The Smithsonian museum of African art in Washington DC and the Fowler at UCLA California all with an impressive array of international names. 

As Founder of the Baboon Forest brand, GNL Zamba shares his artistic gifts beyond the stage by Creating global Platforms and opportunities to Empower local Communities, He is an advocate for the environment, a Filmmaker and Social entrepreneur whose language is unapologetically Universal egalitarian, hip-hop.

Ensi Yaffe!